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Not All Network Marketing Training Is Created Equal!

1106, 2016

What is Attraction Marketing & How to Use it to Generate Leads

Attraction marketing was first introduced into the MLM/network marketing industry in 2005/2006 and there is a difference of opinion about who coined the concept of this powerful lead generation and recruiting strategy.  It was first introduced into the network marketing industry through Mike Dillard who by the age of 27, had built a million-dollar business by using the signature Attraction Marketing strategies. Mike adapted the idea from Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing. He [...]

1106, 2016

Cold Market Recruiting Without Stalking Strangers

You probably have read about some companies or leaders who teach about the importance of only talking to the warm market. However, you need to realize the effect of applying your cold market recruiting abilities in order to gain more prospects. Here’s one cold hard fact: There will always be more people on earth that you actually do not know compared to those that you do. The warm market is [...]

1006, 2016

How to Attract New MLM Reps Rather than Annoy and Chase Your Friends and Family

Have you been worried about the lack of new MLM reps for your business? You may have been using the same old methods over and over again, which is why things are not working out as effectively as you want them to be. It would be best to try out new ways to attract new MLM reps! Take advantage of technology and be creative enough to present yourself in the [...]

906, 2016

MLM Lead Generation Strategies

Are you having a hard time generating leads for your MLM/network marketing business? Have you been struggling in keeping a constant flow of prospects to market your message? If you answered yes to all of these questions then this post is a great read for you! Read along in order to learn the different MLM lead generation strategies to help you get up and running in no time. Start it all off [...]